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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to the mina'siete na Minagahet

Despensa ham, asi'i fan ham. Esta in tingo' na diposti "bi-monthly" este na tinige', lao para bei in chagi muna'magof hamyo pa'go, ni' este na "issue," ni' i mas dongkalo na in fa'tinas. I'm just apologizing for not putting out a zine in a while. To make up for it, this zine is the largest we've ever put out, with articles on all sorts of things. 

Expect a mailbag article in the next issue, as we've just been getting too much hate-mail lately to keep it all to ourselves. Most of them are from retired Chamorro servicemen who feel that any criticism or any "talk" against the "president" of the United States (who lied to get our troops into Iraq, and continues to lie to this day) undermines the ability and morale of our troops. Now that nearly every piece of pre-war intelligence with Iraq has been shown to be either false or exaggerated, and the justifications for war completely fabricated, I think the "talk" of "president" Bush is far more harmful to the lives and morale of American troops, pi'ot sa' puru ha' dinagi i fino'-na.

We do encourage everyone to write to us, respond to our articles, or offer some of their own. On our message board, FANAHGUE'YAN we now have a category open where criticism or discussions with the authors themselves can be posted.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, ya usuni fan sumahuma minagahet yan na'suha dinagi






Decolonization is not Suicide!

by Jocelyn

I am sick and tired of everyone telling me that it is suicide! Maybe if we actually looked at it carefully and thought about what it really means for Guam and our people, then might see how it might help us, rather than hurt us


by the Chamorro Information Activists

Rambling thoughts on decolonization by the makers of this zine.


by Senator Robert Byrd

As the war in Iraq gets progressively worse and worse, as US military casualties continue to rise, and Iraqi civilian casualties become too high to count, more and more people are coming out against the war, demanding it be brought to an end, before too much damage is done to our troops and the people of Iraq. Senator Robert Byrd gave this eloquent speech from the floor of the US Congress (where our representative are allowed to sit quietly, just as long as they don't vote).


by The Colonized Chamoru Coalition

An impassion and thought-out plea by a coalition of Chamorro rights organizations, that the Guam Legislature, as well as the rest of us please consider the implications and the impacts increased military presence will have on Guam.

Kao Hita la'mon, pat Siha la'mon? Who really controls us?

by Kaluko671

If the United States controls our freedoms and our rights, then do we really control our lives?

Thank you President Bush...You've awakened the sleeping giant!

By Eric C. Bauman, Chair, LA County Democratic Party

Just to annoy all the people who persistently email us about not criticizing the president while we are at war. We respond simply that "we wouldn't be at war if it weren't for him!" This speech by a Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chairperson recounts what "president" Bush has done to this country, lying to it, dividing it, and pushing it into war.


by Michael Lujan Bevacqua

Continued from the last two issues. This part discusses Chamorro activism throughout history

LUKAO PUT PAS GIYA HAPON - Japanese Peace March

by Kopbla

Around the world, people are frustrated because the governments are not following the will of their peoples, and the media isn't being vigilante enough and critical enough when it comes to things such as terrorism and war.


by Ralph Nader

Consumer advocate and candidate for president on how the world's dependency on oil is causing more and more problems.

Online Chamorro Language Instruction

From the Chamorro Information Activists

We're into lesson four of our online lessons! 


This issue's antigo na palabra Chamorro -

Guana: literally "really?" An expression of disbelief or surprise, designed to check to see if something is actually true.

for example: Guana? Pau mana'self-determination hit? Mungga mandagi che'lu.



Esta malachai i cooked fanihi, pa'go chagi fan "Our Coconut of the Month."

Dedicated to Chamorros or "Guamanians" who go above and beyond the call of duty to act haole or just plain deny reality.




This issue's quote to think on and apply to Guam -

"All revolutions are impossible until they happen, then they become inevitable."

Hekkua hayi sumangan este, lao siempre tomtom na taotao gui' 


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