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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i mina'ocho na Minagahet

Chamorro Information Activists: We aren't actually that much, but we do what we can. 

I feel like talking about our group because a couple of weeks ago I found that our group had been referenced in an article in the Contemporary Pacific, written by Kelly Marsh. Despite this tiny ripple of attention, most people don't know what we do, and most of us don't know what we do. I receive several emails a week though which remind me what we are doing. 

When I started this group, the information part in the title was my focus. The amount of knowledge, of information you possess or have access to decides so much in your life. A perfect example of this is how Chamorros on Guam can discuss their relationship to the United States. Because so much of that relationship, its history, its characteristics is considered to be disavowed, or things which must not be spoken in public or openly (and if they are said, must be said in empty ways. for example, "yup, we're a colony, sure.") the primary means that Chamorros will relate to the United States as an idea, a concept, a place is through patriotism. Knowledge in general will not provide the means to radically alter things, but it can provide the basis for real fundamental change. If the commonsense ideas about Guam today were even just slightly different, then how we view the United States would change as well.

As a group, we are a model of diaspora. We are scattered across the Pacific and the West Coast of the United States. We meet every once in a while online to discuss ideas and mostly exchange information. It is in this information that our work lies. Back to the several emails I get each week. Most of them are requests for help, for information. We get emails from college students in Guam doing their Guam History projects. High school students who need help with their Chamorro homework. Chamorros stateside who want to do reports on Guam and Chamorro culture. Last year I helped several undergraduates with their senior thesises on Chamorros. One girl gave me ten questions, which I answered in what seemed like more than ten pages.

The point of this is to push these students, these young Chamorros in a critical direction (meaning a direction which "critiques" as well as a "vital and necessary" direction). And hope that the fundamental ways that Chamorros understand themselves, their culture, their place in Guam, the Pacific, the US and the world can be shifted, even didide' ha'. 

For those who prefer their information in a more tangential/ interactive style, you can always head over to our message board,  FANAHGUE'YAN. For those of you who like to read about Hindi movies in Chamorro or love to read unfinished poems in Chamorro, my blog is at your service, No Rest for the Awake.

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi




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