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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to the mina'dosse na Minagahet

This issue is far too scattered to create a coherent introduction, other than the fact that Chamorro survival is being seriously threatened. Guam's karabao are about to be slaughtered. Guam's telephone authority is about to be privatized. Guam's leaders and business class are in a rush to give away the island's water just as soon as they find an eager predatory multi-national to plunder it. The reasoning behind all this seems to be our island's ruling class wanting to accommodate the military as much as possible, so they'll increase their presence. 

All of these things seriously threaten the survival of the Chamorro people, as well the sustainability of our island. We have to fight and resist them all, anyway we can.

Two milestones took place in the past week, both dealing with the number 1,000. #1: 1,000 US servicemen have died in Iraq (which looks like nothing compared to the estimated 12,000 Iraqis have perished.) #2: We just passed 1,000 posts on our message board FANAHGUE'YAN. One milestone is tragic and should affect how you talk, vote or think with regards to the upcoming election (and even beyond that). The other is a silly segue to put our message board's link in my introduction again.

Lastly, make sure you check out my blog, I try to update it everyday, and its a great place to practice reading bad incomprehensible Chamorro. Check it out here, No Rest for the Awake. Feel free to leave any comments.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, ya usuni fan sumahuma minagahet yan na'suha dinagi




Economic Worries...

Tinige' Tommy "Chedo" Benavente

10 things you can do to keep Guam's water publicly owned

Ginnen Hanom Para Todo

Fena Karabao to be Slaughtered!

Ginnen Jose Ulloa Garrido, Maga'lahi i Nasion Chamoru. 

Fight Water Privatization- Be Informed!

Tinige' Antonio Artero Sablan

Privatization woes, Guam Telephone Authority

Tinige' Aguiran yan Linaguahan

CHamoru Language Forum

Ginnen Profesora Rosa Salas Palomo

Submit questions for University of Guam CHamoru language students to ask this year's senatorial candidates. 

9/11: They say it changed the World Forever. But How?

by Rupert Cornwell

Todu Dipende gi Hafa Ta Hahasso

Tinige' Michael Lujan Bevacqua

Empty  Boots: Un Mit Sindalun Amerikanu Manmatai giya Iraq

From Magie Dominic

Howard Zinn on War

From Howard Zinn



This issue's antigo na palabra Chamorro -

Chenglong: Stuck, caught in something, immovable.

for example: Manenglong hit gi este na macolonized.



This issue's quote to think on and apply to Guam -

"A people without a positive history is like a vehicle without an engine.."

Bantu Steve Biko, Black South African Activist


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