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A few months ago, people around the island were up in arms about how the Guam Visitor's Bureau had created a mascot for Guam's tourist industry called "Balate' Bob."

I agree Balate' Bob was pretty dumb, however the visceral reaction to him by people like Peter Siguenza in the Pacific Daily News, is something which should be looked at a bit closer. The creation of Sinot Balate' was a foolish, but nonetheless important attempt to go beyond the tourism mindsets we've come to accept as being the only way our island can survive (besides the US military). More than a century ago, ships from Asia and Europe all came through the Micronesian islands looking for balate', because of its value to markets in China and Japan, where it is a valued commodity. Sinot Bob, is one way in which we can start to think about our tourist industry beyond just copying and ripping off Hawaii. The balate' has an economic value, like nearly everything else, and is there a way we can harness this, like other things on the island, to create more sustainable economies on Guam? Furthermore, this brings up the question of how can we represent ourselves to tourists or tourists markets without just reproducing the same dumb stereotypes or images about island paradises and Hawaiian like locales?

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