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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i mina'nuebi na Minagahet

No real theme for today. This issue is scattered, but then such is usually the case. Yanggen chumo'cho'gue hao activism ni' taya' salape, debi di un sungon i sesso na minachalapon-na!

Please make sure to check out the National Pacific Islander Educational Network, whose membership drive info is posted below. They are an important organization for Pacific Islanders in the states. I've presented at their conferences for the past two years and it is always an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. For the annoying academic like myself, there is plenty of engagement, but I always get alot of engagement from places I'm not as familiar this as well, such as the mechanics of getting Chamorros and other Pacific Islanders to finish high school, go on to college and still maintain an identity which isn't based on stupid patriotic slogans.  

Speaking of stupid patriotic slogans, our message board FANAHGUE'YAN has been burning up lately when a new member, Guamanifornia emphatically stated that Guam should never be independent or freely associated from the US! Most of our members, shocked to have our critical haven defiled by such drivel have been furiously working to open up the mind of this deeply and apparently terminally colonized "American Chamorro." So far our efforts have been unsuccessful, although some headway has been made. We have shifted the position of Guamanifornia from "Guam is not a colony" to "okay, so Guam is a colony, but who cares!" Progress can be just as painful as stasis it seems. Speaking of stasis, after a week's break from my blog while presenting at conferences, I'm back. You can check out my latest ramblings on Hindi movies, guinaiya and why America sucks at No Rest for the Awake.

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi




Alternatives are necessary to the media in Guam!

Tinige' Hope Alvarez Cristobal

The Colonial Difference

Tinige' Michael Lujan Bevacqua

Support the Chamorro International Market in San Diego

Ginnen Dorothy Tenorio, Vince Manibusan, Doreen San Nicholas

Disposable People

By Ragnar Carlson        from the Honolulu Weekly

Chamoru Land Rights

Tinige' Debbie Quinata

Turning Our Backs on the Marshallese Again!

Tinige' Maga'lahi Jose Ulloa Garrido and Bernie Jackson


Water Rights

By Anil Netto    http://www.commondreams.org

Sovereignty Matter Conference

A Conference April 15 and 16 on Pacific Islander, Puerto Rican and Native American Sovereignty.

Ta Tuge'

Ginnen Si Pedro Onedera

NPIEN Membership Drive

From Dr. Victor Thompson


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