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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to the mina'sais na Minagahet

    Next issue we're going to talk about decolonization. Because this zine was created with the idea that the decolonization of Guam is vital to the survival and sustainability of both Chamorros and non-Chamorros on Guam. The many rationales for the need for decolonization range from economic, cultural, moral and so on, however in this issue and its focus on the nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands, we find another reason, and one which is hardly discussed in meaningful ways in Guam's media and in public forums. And that is the negative and sometimes terrible effects militarization can have on a culture or on an island. 

    The use of the people of the Marshall Islands as guinea pigs to test the effects of nuclear fallout on humans is a truly revolting incident, but it is by no means isolated or unique. Military tests were conducted on recovering vets in military hospitals around the country. Residents of Nevada and New Mexico were affected by nuclear testing there and often never even told so. On Guam we were affected as well. Fallout from the testing in the Marshalls did reach Guam, however men who were in charge of recording such information were quietly told not to record it or report it. And how many people know that many of the ships returning from the Marshalls (where they observed the testing), were cleaned in the waters in Agat and Cocos Island? Toxic waste and other hazardous chemicals of war are no doubt buried around Guam, only a few years ago they discovered some in Maite. There are many who suspect that the Navy is killing carabaos at Fena because they are starting to dig up some of the hidden ordinance.

These incidents which have been swept under the rug, or aren't as heroic are just as much a part of the US military's legacy here as Marine Drive, commissary privileges and boyo' haircuts! And we should all remember that.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, ya usuni fan sumahuma minagahet yan na'suha dinagi




From a Tropical Paradise to a Nuclear Hell - 50th Anniversary of the Bravo Tests in the Marshalls

by JoAnn Wypijewski    published Monday 1, 2004 by the Los Angeles Times


Chamorros Protest on Marine Drive in Solidarity with the Marshallese

by Fanai Castro

On March 1st, to draw attention to the 50th anniversary of the Bravo testing in the Marshall Islands, Chamorros stood along Marine Drive protesting and standing in solidarity with their Marshellese brothers and sisters against US militarization and its terrible impacts.


by gachong671

You probably didn't pay much attention to it when you saw it in the PDN a few weeks ago, but a tank made of depleted uranium fell into the waters around Guam. After being forwarded the article I searched around the internet for more info on what exactly this was. What I found scared me and should scare most people on Guam or in the military.  


by Michael Lujan Bevacqua

Continued from last issue. This part discusses inferiority amongst Chamorros as a part of their position as a colonized people.

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This issue's antigo na palabra Chamorro -      &nbbsp;                                                      Chagi fan, guaha ma sangan na gof mangge'

Goggue: To save something, to rescue someone from danger, damnation, extinction or oblivion.

for example: Put fin na manobra hit, lao kao sina ta gogguen maisa hit?

    This issue's quote to think on and apply to Guam -

"I will never apologize for the United States of America - I don't care what the facts are."

Former President George W. Bush Sr. åguagat yan tisu na pekno' ni' gaimababa na ulu. 


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