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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to this fine'nina na issue of Minagahet. We hope that you find the articles and writings here informative and meaningful. Many people say that talk is cheap, or accomplishes nothing, but it has always been my belief that everything starts with talk, and talk always begins with ideas. If you have ideas or thoughts that you wish to share,  feel free to email us and contribute to the conversation.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, ya usuni sumahuma minagahet yan na'suha dinagi





HAPPY US IMPERIALISM DAY! - Rethinking the Chamorro place in the American Empire

by Michael Lujan Bevacqua - 

Militarism has been the lifeblood of Guam for so long in terms of the American presence and interest here, and it has become an integral part of Chamorro culture as well. And in "celebration" of the 62nd anniversary of the Japanese Invasion of Guam, Sahuma rethinks the idea of war by re-examining the causes of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, and placing them in their proper imperial context. While most of Guam and the US still believe that the Pear Harbor attack was an unprovoked, surprise attack. In  reality this couldn't be further from the truth.

The Draft may be coming back - A Chamorro perspective on the Vietnam War

by Fulanu -  

The Department of Defense estimates that it may take more than the 130,000 American soldiers already in Iraq to contain the insurgency there, and have been discussing and preparing to reinstate the compulsory draft in order to meet that demand. In his article, Fulanu shares his thoughts on the possibility the draft coming back, by discussing his experiences on Guam during the Vietnam conflict. 

Minagahet Mission Statement

by Kopbla yan Sahuma



This issue's antigo na palabra Chamorro - 

alatgayi: to give out to (as in slack), to give excess to, to give freedom to, or give more freedom. 

for example, Debi di ma alatgayi hit i Amerikanu siha, put decolonization.

This issue's quote to think on and apply to Guam -

"The hand that gives, rules."

Bantu Proverb, quoted from Patrice Emery Lumumba, former Prime Minister of the Congo


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