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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to the mina'dos na Minagahet

Thinking about the US at war with the world, it is the opinion of this writer that the US should follow the lead of other industrial countries and make their military primarily for show. I mean if the army never had to fight anyone and just talked tough and got commissary privileges, then I would definitely be all I could as an army of one. Joking aside, the world can't afford real militaries anymore. With the destructive capabilities that have been invented, the next big war will most definitely be the last one. Forget about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, the United States currently has thousands of them, and is building more. The United States is the only country that has used nuclear weapons on innocent civilians (Japan and the Marshall Islands). As Chamorros and as second class Americans, we need to speak out and demand the US stop waging war and threatening war, because if there ever is, Guam, our beautiful island and all the nuclear weapons possibly stored there will be one of the first places to go. 

Give peace a chance lai, cause its our only chance...

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, ya usuni sumahuma minagahet yan na'suha dinagi




A Chamorro Perspective on the War in Iraq

by Michael Lujan Bevacqua - 

Saddam Hussein has been captured and a Chamorro has died in Iraq. George Bush has said that this war is a success and that it has been justified, but the reasons for it have ranged in the past year. Most of the reasons given for this war months ago have turned out to be fabrications and outright lies. Christopher Rivera Wesley and 460 other American troops have died not for freedom and democracy, but to protect the interests of George Bush and to line the already profit stuffed pockets of Dick Cheney and others. It is a sad truth that each Chamorro must realize that in war while the rich get profits, the poor receive caskets. And it is time that we as Chamorros start to rethink our attitudes about war.

Pokka' - Interview with a Chamorro pro-choice activist

by Rita Lujan Butler -  

The abortion struggle in Guam more than a decade ago was one of those events such as World War II or The Spanish American War that put Guam on the map of American consciousness. Divisions were created within families, amongst friends and between Chamorros and the Catholic Church. Rita Butler shares her experiences as a pro-choice activist on Guam and in Washington D.C. and provides an update on the current struggles over a woman's right to choice.

Letter to the PDN editor - The renaming of Marine Drive.

by The Chamorro Information Activists

In response to the resolution passed by the Guam Legislature regarding an official renaming of Guam's main roadway, this letter was sent to the Pacific Daily News. 



This issue's antigo na palabra Chamorro - 

hakku: To be paralyzed or not able to straighten your limbs, to be mafoyung in love.

for example, Hakku yu' put Hagu or Ai lana dei boi, gos hakku yu' put este na cinolonized.

This issue's quote to think on and apply to Guam -

"There is something very odious and unnatural about a government a thousand leagues off."

John Adams, former president of the Untied States of America


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