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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i bente na Minagahet

As a few people have noticed, this zine has slowly downgraded into a monthly thing, instead of a bi-monthly thing. I apologize, for the past few months I've been writing papers and attending conferences in addition to my graduate program, so things have been hectic. Hopefully when the summer begins I'll have more time to get the zine back in order.

Speaking of conferences, me, some cousins, some friends are in the beginning stages of organizing a Chamorro student conference for next spring. Although it has been fun going around to conferences and presenting papers, the more young Chamorros I meet and communicate with, the more I realize that we are missing a sense of collectivity and responsibility with regards to Chamorros in the islands and out here. I attended a banquet the other night for the Tan Chong Padula Humanitarian Awards where a number of manamko' who helped build the existing Chamorro community networks in the states were honored. Thinking of the Chamorros I know, my age and a little older, would we be capable of similar organizing? Perhaps a more important question than this, is would be want to do it? Would we even care?

I think a conference for Chamorro's in college, who are slated to become our people's "future," would be good in instilling some sense of not just personal responsibility but collective, cultural responsibility. Anyone with ideas, with any help, or would like to participate, or knows of others who might, please get in touch with me ( mlbasquiat@hotmail.com ). Nothing is set in stone yet, so if you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate them.

For those of you interested in Chamorro Hip Hop, an interesting discussion has finally fizzled out on our message board FANAHGUE'YAN. Head on over there to see how it went down, and whether or not Hip Hop is a culture, and so if it is, then wouldn't if conflict with Chamorro culture? If you think that Chamorro Hip Hop discussions are pointless, then you can head over to my blog, No Rest for the Awake, which is Chamorro Hip Hop discussion free at the moment.

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi





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