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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i bente kuatro na Minagahet

Two big issues this issue. The first is the latest announced troop increase to Guam, 7,000 Marines over the next few years. Save for a few random voices (such as this one), public speech is inundated with how incredibly awesome, exciting and necessary this increase is. Media analysis of the impact of the military is generally a wide range of enthusiastic thumbs up signs, with someone in the back room usually saying something simple like "respect the locals umbree." The problem is that publicly the only critiques of the military in Guam which are acknowledged are of this simple nature, no real complex inquires are allowed. One of the main reasons that Minagahet was started at all was to provide space for these critiques to be made and supported, albeit in a small and marginal way.

The second issue is our gathering, Famoksaiyan: Decolonizing Chamorro Histories, Identities and Futures, slated to take place April 14th and 15th of next year in San Diego. We have gotten plenty of responses from people interested in attending and sharing their thoughts and work with others, far more than we originally expected. Alot of the emails I've been sending lately to those wanting to attend are apologizes for not being more organized and not having any real sources of funding lined up for the event. This gathering, like most everything I do is taya' salape' and so all is being done with the minimal amount of cost and work. We are currently networking with different Chamorro social clubs around the United States to see if they can help provide money for travel to students in their communities. We are also trying to get some small, simple and easy grants to help pay for the operational costs. If you are in need of funding or would like to assist someone who is in need of financial assistance you can contact Josette Marie Quinata at chamorro_guahan@hotmail.com for more info.

Apologies again, our message board FANAHGUE'YAN is still down. I don't have the time nowadays to moderate it, and so I'm willing to put it back online if I can find someone who will look after it on a daily basis (you know post on it regularly, encourage others to discuss things and lastly, make sure the patriotic America loving Chamorros don't take over).

My blog on the other hand, No Rest for the Awake is still fully functional in a very malafunkshun sort of way. A few days ago I wrote about how the daily re-colonization of Guam can best be described through the lyrics to Audioslave's Doesn't Remind Me. Guana? Hekkua' lao nu Guahu inos ha'. 

Biba Ha'anin Krismas! Ya Mungga En Fanmaleffa Put i Nuebu Na Sakkan!

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi




The Realities of Guam's Military Build-Up

Tinige' Si Antonio Artero Sablan

Just Left of the Setting Sun

An interview with Julian Aguon, ginnen Si Jojo Santo Tomas

from The Pacific Daily News

Jesse's Corner - We Are Nobody's Pet

Tinige' Senadot Jesse Lujan 

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American Brain Disease

Tinige' Si Michael Lujan Bevacqua

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Activists Step Up Anti-Bases Campaign

By Mar-Vic Cagurangan 

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Gender in Oceania Art

From Jewel Castro


My Island Brothers and Sisters...


Tinige' Si Vince Manibusan

Statement of I Nasion Chamoru on Military Expansion

Tinige' Si Debbie Quinata, I Maga'Haga I Nasion Chamoru

from I Nasion Chamoru



Decolonizing Chamorro Histories, Identities and Futures...


From the Chamorro Information Activists

A Chamorro Gathering to take place April 14-15 in San Diego, California


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