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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i bente unu na Minagahet

Did anyone else feel Dejavu recently? I mean the whole ESPN scandal thing, didn't it strike anyone as too pathetically familiar? I for one couldn't disassociate this incident with the millions of other times that this has happened and people know about it, as well as the billions of times it goes on and no one says anything about it.

Marie Claire. Rubin-Lake. Gloria Estefan. Even Richard Nixon had his own mini scandal around Guam, when he said that the ideal place to send government employees that he didn't like, was Guam (anyone see Good Morning Vietnam!?) Alot of times they take place and Chamorros have no idea that they happened (such as repeated statements by US military officers that they "own" Guam), but worse yet, many times they take place, but are interpreted to be something which people shouldn't say or do anything about (such as movie representations of Guam (for example Dudley Do Right, Rat Race or Animaniacs, which portray it to be a banana republic, backwater country. Oh if only we had that kind of sovereignty!).

But that's life in the colonies. These things are so brutally traumatic because they remind us that we are NOT one with the colonizer, yet at the same time, because we are the fantasy space of the colonizer, these scandals happen all the time. We react so strongly to them because they blatantly say, you are not an AMERICAN! you are different, you are foreign, you are exotic, you are backwards. But they hit us so often, that despite all are anger, we never move beyond them. Why? Because these scandals provide rare moments where Chamorros (and others on Guam) get to assert, forcefully their Americaness. This can be summed up in Tony Blaz's response on Positively Local to the ESPN apology, when he yelled that "We are Americans too!"

These scandals are moments where real change could take place, where we are faced with the realities of our political, social, cultural and historical existence. But, things never change, no fundamental change takes place because Chamorros and others on Guam, instead of using these moments to re-evaluate things, use them to deny the scandal, and make it be known that they are just as American as anyone else. Take for example Jesse Lujan's column in the Marianas Variety , where he makes it clear that Chamorros and others on Guam are not just Americans, but may in fact be more American than other Americans. Herein lies the fatal trap to any of these attempts to force recognition of "Chamorro-Americaness" or "Guamericaness." Because of the way these claims are made, "We are Americans too" or "We are more American then real Americans," the claim itself is suspect and thus unravels itself, putting into question once again the Americaness of the one doing the claiming. 

But these scandals over Guam falling short of being American enough, don't mean as much to me as the daily scandals of Chamorro non-existence and erasure. Each day in too many different ways, the Chamorro right, the Chamorro link to the island, as its indigenous people is being buried over, cut, and denied, sometimes even by Chamorros themselves. For example, how many people recall a band called Eden's Crush came to Guam several years ago? When they performed and met with fans, they repeatedly greeted crowds with what they called, the greeting of the "people of Guam," which wasn't the GVB approved slogan of "Hafa Adai" but was instead, "Mabuhay!"

Angry disagreements as well as exasperated agreements to my comments are always welcome on our message board, FANAHGUE'YAN. On a lighter note, my blog No Rest for the Awake, recently made it onto someone's top 100 list for Yu-Gi-Oh sites because of my incessant theoretical ramblings about the connections between the show and the theories of the late Jacques Derrida (I was like #97 or something). In the past week my blog has broached such important issues as "the infamous white doctor" in Guam, how incredibly attractive girls who play video games are, and describing "colonization in action" through Chamorro statements that groups like I Nasion Chamoru only make "noise" and don't solve anything. Hafa na kinaduku bei sangan ta'lo? Nangga' Na'ya!

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi




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