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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i bente tres na Minagahet

I'm honored this issue to share with you, powerful statements from two of our most promising young Chamorros. One given by Fanai Castro at a forum in Japan on human rights, peace and the environment, the other presented by Julian Aguon earlier this month at the United Nations with regards to the decolonization of Guam.

These speeches are inspiring, timely and vital. In addition to being calls of resistance which emphasize the problems that Chamorros and Guam currently face, they make it clear that Chamorros in Guam do not face these problems alone. Chamorros are just one community whose lives and survival are being threatened by the United States military and its need for global hegemony.

The importance in making these connections lies in the fact that no fight today can be only local, but must take into account larger networks of power. For example, if Guam was able to somehow re-negotiate its political status, and become more autonomous or more independent, this move alone would guarantee nothing. Give the nature of American power, as well as the agendas of other first world nations and supranational organizations, emerging nations today find themselves desperately tangled and confined by the interests of these political entities. As we work to decolonize Guam (in whatever form), these progressive moves must also be echoed elsewhere, or else we may find the island that we create, swallowed up once again by neo-colonial frameworks.

I am proud that these two and so many other Chamorros out there, are taking part in that global conversation which hopes to contest and displace American aspirations for Empire.

Apologies to those who frequent our board FANAHGUE'YAN. The board will be down indefinitely for reasons that I'm afraid I can't elaborate on. All I can really do is repeat Brad Pitt's best line from Ocean's Twelve, "It's not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can't talk about it, and I can't tell you why."

My blog, No Rest for the Awake on the other hand is problem free at the moment. After posting sporadically for more than a year, I've at last developed a following of regular readers who email me their thoughts, questions and thankfully other things to consider about the issues I raise. The knowledge that some people actually visit my blog everyday to see what I've written next has instilled in me a definite sense of responsibility and so I've been trying as best as possible to stock it with new content everyday. This last week has been an interesting one, discussing acts of decolonization, the anime Evangelion, chatting in Chamorro about Hindi movies and of course barbeque!

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi





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