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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to the mina'dies na Minagahet

FANAHGUE'YAN...I first saw the word in a collection of old Chamorro sayings collected and published by Chamorro historian and genealogist Tony Ramirez. The word vaguely refers to "times or places of change."

I felt it would be a good name for the message board I put together for the CIA and Minagahet websites. Times of great change can produce great discussions. Usually because they have to.

This issue will feature the best 13 threads we've had so far in our message board. Some are deadly serious, others are stupid. Some are civilized, where posters thank each other for enlightenment. Others involve members yelling for other members to go post on "coconut.com." But all these threads talk about important things in our culture, in our lives, in our island, and in our world.

We have a tiny but dedicated following for our board, with 29 members racking up 816 posts in 7 months. We are proud of our Chamorro Language Only section, which is sadly frequented by only two of our members. We are also proud to have the most anti-Bush posts of any Chamorro board out there (at least we hope so, but it would be nice to have some competition in this respect).

We're always looking for fresh blood though. Click here to check out and join our board. FANAHGUE'YAN.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, ya usuni fan sumahuma minagahet yan na'suha dinagi




(for those of you who don't know what a thread is, its a series of messages that have been "posted" or put on a page on the internet, where you can follow the flow of thinking and line of discussion, and contribute your own ideas or thoughts to continue the discussion.)


Started by Kaluko671 on April 12, 2004

Members express their feelings on increased military presence on Guam.

Best Line: Kaolunggahao, "...the problem is that when you deal with empires they dont give a shit about brown peoples concensuses. Thats why we gotta stand up and fight.

6 Posts

2. Chamorro Language Question - "Hugs and Kisses?"

Started by Chamaole1974 on December 9, 2003

A deep discussion as to how exactly "hugs and kisses" can be expressed in Chamorro, or whether it can be expressed at all.

Best line: Sahuma, "...because so much of our language has been replaced by Spanish words, or is being replaced with English words, Chamorro becomes static and people don't use it as much to imagine or to think critically, or think beyond the words themselves."

14 Posts

3. How do you say "self-determination" in Chamoru?

Started by Mrbrown on December 12, 2003

A discussion about how to describe Chamorro self-determination as well as say it in Chamorro.

Best line: Tasi, "I've been learning all this stuff in my guam history class, and I think that finding a good way to say self-determination in Chamorro is important. Because most people don't even know what it really means, everyone seems to think it means you don't like America, which is not true."

12 Posts

4. Hasso fan put i manmina'pos, pues hasso put i mamamaila

Started by Tumhon on February 18, 2004

Discussions of purity of culture, Chamorro extinction and the future of Chamorros as a people.

Best line: Kopbla, "When you teach colonial history, you create colonial subjects, and this doesn't just mean Chamorus, but everyone."

9 Posts

5. Osama Bin Laden spotted on Guam

Started by Chamoruborn on April 22, 2004

Mrbrown claims to know where Osama Bin Laden is hiding, and says he's hiding on Guam.

Best Line: Mrbrown, "You guys wanna know a secret? I KNOW WHERE OSAMA'S BEEN HIDING! But I ain't telling unless I get a reward..."

12 Posts

6. John Kerry in Iowa

Started by Chamoruborn on January 19, 2004

As far as Guam issues are concerned, does it really matter who is president of the United States?

Best line: Gi-yena, "...lana I have no idea what you guyz r chattin about. Who the hell is John Kerry? nm I just figured it out."

19 Posts

7. Favorite Chamorro Song?

Started by Sindhi on May 7, 2004

Lists of everyone's favorite Chamorro songs, with some lyrics and some reasons why.

Best line: Sindhi, "I don't know what he's saying, but when my boyfriend sings it to me I always almost break down. Its such a powerful song."  

22 Posts

8. The Lost Whalerider Review

Started by Sahuma on March 11, 2004

A review of the movie Whalerider for Minagahet never materializes.

Best Line: personfromguam, "I love the whalerider movie. It was funny, sad, very emotional. If I wasn't so Americanized, I might think I was the little girl (LOL)"

15 Posts

9. Guess Who Caught Saddam?

Started by Whiteboy4ever on December 15, 2003

A pro-W. Bush post in a avowedly anti-Bush board creates some lively discussion.

Best Line: OnesandZeroes: "You can only prevent terrorism by stopping that which causes it. That is the U.S. government's impetus to support dictators like saddam and our willingness to bomb coutries into poverty."

10 Posts

10. Revolution?

Started by Chamaole1974 on December 4, 2003

A discussion on how you say "revolution" in Chamorro.

Best Line: Hpar, "ai Pindeho! hagu ha ma chacha gei! a'a nok i dagan mu ya mampos hao banidosu!

12 Posts

11. What's it like Being Raised up on Guam?

Started by Chamoruborn on February 24, 2004

A nostalgic and romantic recall tour of what its like to grow up and live on Guam.

Best Line: Dashes, "...i dont remember much ...but i can still feel the love of my grandparents who raised me ...thats what makes me want to move back."

12 Posts

12. Filipinos and Chamorus

Started by Chamoruborn on March 29, 2004

A heated debate over the relationship between Chamorus and Filipinos, not for the faint hearted.

Best Line: Metgot_na_lahi, "Why are we stooping to such lows to express our discontent with Filipinos. We need to take back control of our island in more constructive ways than hatred and violence. Education is the key, but it needs to be constructive and consistent."

21 Posts

13. Hafa Adai Chetnot Maipi!

Started by Pikachuu on April 28, 2004

Hafa Adai from any new members, and a discussion on what a Chamorro in the states getting chetnot maipe means...

Best Line: Chamoruborn, "Conversations like these make me wish I knew more or FELT MORE Chamoru."

13 Posts


This issue's antigo na palabra Chamorro -

 Guha: Asthma, or to have trouble breathing.

for example: Ai guha gui' nai ha hasso put nai ma sakke' i tano'-na.


This issue's quote to think on and apply to Guam -

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Gandhi, achokka' gof masoksok, gof malate' gui'.  


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