We welcome any individual or organization Chamorro or otherwise to submit their editorials, letters, articles or other form of angry communication to our zine. There will be no editing for content, only editing for relevance. Which means your submission will not be changed or altered in content or style. The ideas and the grammar will not be touched, we won't even correct any tpyoes, unless you want us to. However we may reject submissions based on relevance to the ideals of this zine, therefore submission must deal with Guam, the Marianas Islands or other Chamorro related issues. Must be critical in nature or say something important and not just repeat the banal and taisabot yan taibali na kumuentos na esta manmapayon yan mano'son hit.

We won't reject work because its not academic, we believe that all ideas have value and merit, and it is our hope that this forum allows voices which wouldn't usually be heard in Guam, or academia or around the barbeque grill to be heard and find space to speak from.

We hope to hear from you...please contact for more information or to submit something.