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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to the mina'tres na Minagahet

Manmaolek hamyo mohon gi i nuebu na sakkan. 

We'll start off the new year not on Guam, but instead in Puerto Rico, most specifically Vieques, which has also endured a long relationship/struggle with the US military, and unfortunately it could be that now that that relationship/struggle is over, the hard part begins, repairing the damage. It will be a nice break, before next issue's big ANTI-BUSH theme. For anyone out there who has a philosophical/ political/ or personal fight to pick with our War Monger in Chief, please feel free to submit them. 

Para i tiningo'n-miyu, each issue, until November 2nd, will now feature a "cooked fanihi section."

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, ya usuni sumahuma minagahet yan na'suha dinagi





"Land is Life" Resolution from Vieques

Submitted by Ed Pocaigue

A declaration of unity and solidarity amongst peoples around the world who are still being oppressed by the United States through its military, foreign and domestic policies. Signed November of last year in Vieques by representatives from Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, the Marshal Islands, Hawa'ii and others. 

Update on Vieques: Military poisoning

Submitted by Malaet  

Now that the U.S. Navy is gone, residents of the Puerto Rican island town of Vieques must deal with the daunting question of what to do about the toxic mess caused by decades of military activity. Weapons tested in the firing range included highly polluting depleted uranium ammunition.

Trongkon Niyok Quilt

From the Guam Communications Network

Call for stories and names of Chamorro women who are struggling with or have battled breast cancer.

Hayi para u tachuyi hit? Presidential Candidate stances on Guam?

From the Chamorro Information Activists



This issue's antigo na palabra Chamorro -      &nbbsp;                                                         Chagi fan, guaha ma sangan na gof mangge'

Ganye: claim, procure, adopt, or pick as preference.

for example: Nanalao, kao sina un hongge na i Engles ti pau na'ganye hit ni' i political status-ta?

This issue's quote to think on and apply to Guam -

"Inequality is the source of all revolutions; no compensation can make up for inequality."

Aristotle, Politics. Hagas ha' na matai taotao Greece. 


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