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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i mina'trenta na Minagahet

Hunggan, tres meses maloffan desde hu na'huyong i hagas na Minagahet, and I apologize for that. I have been stuck writing my prospectus for my Ph.D. program in Ethnic Studies at University of California, San Diego. For those of you who don't know, a prospectus is a kind of proposal, which you have to write, submit and defend, in which you outline what you want to write about for your dissertation. I've been writing like crazy for the past few months, and look to be writing like crazy for the next few months, but more on that in a moment.

The biggest issue for this issue is of course the upcoming Famoksaiyan conference, Famoksiayan: Summit on Native Self-Determination and Decolonization. It has been a productive, inspiring but incredibly busy past year working with those in Famoksaiyan. We have accomplished many things, helped shift the consciousness of many minds and also provided important networks for distributing critical information for those wishing to re-connect politically and progressively to Guam and other Chamorros. This conference will represent an important growing point for this group by helping us improve our activist skills, whether in language, history, writing, or speaking about the issues that affect Chamorros today, but also our reaching out and working and learning from other groups, most prominently indigenous groups who are caught in similar situations today. The conference will be open to the public, and is free to attend. If you are interested in joining this gathering and want more information then please get in touch with at mlbasquiat@hotmail.com

There is a new Peace and Justice for Guam Petition circulating now and available on the internet. If you think that the military is not being transparent enough about the negative impact their slate of military increases will cause on Guam, and that Guam should have at least some say in how this transfer will happen, pues na'siguru na un fitma este na petition. Make sure you sign this petition. The military is on record as saying that the strategic importance of Guam is precisely that they don't have to treat it like a partner in how they impact or affect the island, but rather as it is tragically called, a territory, or rather like territory. Unless you are one of those people who think that our patriotic duty on Guam is to basically let the United States do whatever it wants to us, then you need to take seriously how these military increases will affect Guam, and in fact are already affecting Guam. Below you can find a factsheet with Famoksaiyan and the Guahan Indigenous Collective have put together, which outlines just a few of the adverse and dangerous effects that are already taking place or loom menacingly on the horizon. For more information, you can also head over the the Decolonize Guam blog, where I post regular updates about the state of affairs in Guam and the Pacific. 

After a month long hiatus, myself Madel Tmetuchl Ngiraingas and Angela Morrill started up once again our occasionally listened to podcast Voicing Indigeneity. So click on the link to hear about our difficulties in graduate school, the successes that we've had recently in shifting the focus of our department to engage with issues and epistemologies of indigenous people, and also the relationship between religion and decolonization. Otro fino'-ta, i palabra "hiatus" muna'hahasso yu' put FANAHGUE'YAN, ai adai, mamatai ha', ya ti hu tungo' hayi pau na'la'la' gui' ta'lo!

Lastly, for those interested in knowing more about what exactly my prospectus is and what I'm working on right now, head over to my blog No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro. I've had some interesting posts where I've been testing out and working through ideas for my dissertation, such as "George W. Bush as a Theorist of Sovereignty" and "The Simple and Stupid Ways Sovereignty is Produced."


Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi




Famoksaiyan: Summit on Native Self-Determination and Decolonization

The second annual Dinanan Famoksaiyan is here at last. Click above to read the Call for Presentations and to get more information. Our focus this year is on building our skills, continuing to reach out to more Chamorros, and also form coalitions amongst other native peoples which are also struggling for self-determination. 

Peace and Justice for Guam Petition

Sign this petition from the Guam Coalition for Peace and Justice yan I Nasion Chamoru


"We, the undersigned, oppose the fact that the people of Guam have not been included in the deliberations of the U.S. government and its elite partners regarding the scheduled transfer of 8,000 U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam as part of a major explosion of the U.S. military personnel population on Guam, now set at 35,000. This buildup will have enormous environmental, social, cultural, long-term economic and political consequences in our community. Currently, a host of issues i.e. radioactive contaminations that cause record-high rates of cancers and dementia-related illness have yet to be addressed by the same military now expanding its presence in Guam. The way in which the current military buildup is happening calls attention to a harmful power imbalance between the U.S. federal government and Guam, which must be addressed."

Military Increase Fact Sheet

Fina'tinas Famoksaiyan yan I Guahan Indigenous Collective


Over the next few years, as many as 40,000 soldiers, dependents and military support personnel, accompanied by an armada of planes, bombs and other weapons of war will be brought into Guam. Despite the fact that these increases have the potential to negatively impact Guam economically, environmentally and socially in ways never seen before, discussions from the Government of Guam and Guam's media are largely silent on these dangers. The following factsheet developed by Famoksaiyan and the Guahan Indigenous Collective is meant to provide information on what these potential impacts might be.

Hita Guahan! Chamorro Testimonies At the United Nations

"This booklet is a compilation of the testimonies presented at the United Nations Special Political and Decolonization Committee on October 4, 2006. These testimonies carry on the legacy of more than 20 years of Chamorus who've appealed to the United Nations on behalf of Guam and Chamoru human rights." 

Famoksaiyan on Chamorro.com

Chamorro.com is one of the most visible Chamorro/Guam presences on the internet. Famoksaiyan is in the process right now of taking over the day to day operations of the website, such as the Guam Club/Organization information, and the calendar of events. If you have any Guam related events, whether in the United States, the Pacific Islands or serving over seas, please send them, along with full information about the event to mlbasquiat@hotmail.com to be posted on the calendar. 

Statistical Summary of Chamorros in the United States

From the United States Census Bureau


By popular demand, this report compiled from info taken from the 2000 Census, gives a statistical portrait of Chamorros in the diaspora.

Birth of a Chamoru Nation

Tinige' I Difunton Anghet Leon Guerrero Santos, 1991

A flier created in the early 1990's by I Nasion Chamoru. 

"Some Chamorus feel that it is too late to attend to problems on Guam, but while the Chamorus still make up 42 percent of the population, it is not too late. While some Chamorus choose not to sell their land, it is not too late. While some still speak the language, it is not too late. While our culture is still being practiced, it is not too late. While our children still depend on us, it is not too late. While we are still alive, it is not too late. Patience, faith and prayer are our only weapon in reversing the injustice and restoring hope for our people."

What's Next for Native American and Indigenous Studies?

A conference set to take place May 3-5 at the University of Oklahoma.


"This is the first of three meetings that a steering committee of scholars from across the continent is planning as a way of exploring the possibility of the creation of an academic association for scholars who work in American Indian/Native American/First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous Studies."



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