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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i mina'trenta unu na Minagahet

Its been a "historic" past week for me. At the beginning of the week, on Monday, April 16th, I became a father for the first time, with the birth of my baby girl Sumåhi Chan Bevacqua on Guam. 19 hours later I left island and soon arrived back in California only to then rush up north to Oakland and Berkeley to help run, plan and present at the second ever Famoksaiyan conference on April 20-22. I along with a handful of others, for taya' pat didide' na salape, threw together the first Famoksaiyan conference last year, Famoksaiyan: Decolonizing Chamorro Histories, Identities and Futures, which was attended by more than 70 Chamorros, people from Guam and interested allies in order to learn more about the state of affairs on Guam and plan and strategize for how to help alleviate or fix the problems Chamorros around the world are facing today.

This past weekend, we had over the course of three days, several hundred people attend, present and support our second conference, Famoksaiyan "Our Time to Paddle Forward" Summit on Native Self-Determination and Decolonization, with more than 250 people alone coming on April 21st for a marathon day of 12 hours of panels, performances, two meals and three keynote speeches! I'm sure you will be hearing and seeing more about this conference over the next few months and years, but for now let me say this, it is truly a testament to the Chamorro people, and others who call Guam their home that Famoksaiyan has not dissolved or dissipated as so many organizations and dreams like it do. Amongst the organizers, we tried to remind ourselves and those who came for the conference of this promise, through the phrase Famoksaiyan, un sakkan mas metgot! or un año metgotña! or Famoksaiyan: one year stronger! The organizing of the conference was quick and intense, and because of other obligations I wasn't able to help as much as I wanted to. In spite of my absence, or perhaps because of my absence, the conference took place and went off beyond anything I could have expected. Achokka’ ti hu hulat sumångan propiu i tinahdong i inagradesi-hu nu i manmagåsi este na dinaña, hu sangångani este ginnen i fondon i kersaon-hu, si yu’us ma’ase para todu i bidan-miyu yan i bidan-mimiyu nu Famoksaiyan yan i taotao-ta siha.

I am considering changing the distribution format for Minagahet to make it easier on myself. I will most likely be creating a listerv on Rise Up, which will make sending out an issue much easier and less time consuming. Be on the lookout for a change in the email or method that you receive Minagahet through.

On the blogfront, I still have three blogs that you can choose from. Decolonize Guam, which provides plenty of information on militarization and other related issues affecting Guam and the surrounding regions of Micronesia and Asia. No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro, este na blog nai ga'o-ku mampost. For those interested, I posted recently there "From the Mouth of Fallon" which reminds us of the importance of reading very carefully what the military says about Guam. When the military says that Guam is important to their strategic presence or posture, we should not do as the Chamber of Commerce, most media and many politicians say, and celebrate the fact that we have some small use to the United States and can help it on its global war. We need to instead think carefully of how we are not being fully compensated for this importance, or not being included in the deliberations on how this importance can best be exploited. If we on Guam consider ourselves to be humans, Chamorros, Americans, Filipinos, Micronesians or anything else but fundamentally humans, then we cannot accept the status of being really super lucky that the United States can use our geographic condition to secure its economic and military interests throughout Asia and the Pacific, and then just shut up and wave the flag. There are people on Guam who are proud to refer to us as "the tip of America's [military] spear!" This is how we are treated by the military, like a piece of property, like the metal at the end of the stick you thrust into your enemy. The sooner we see the clues and the hints in the voice of the military, then the sooner we can start negotiating, working towards and demanding more!

Speaking of voices, me yan i atungo'-hu siha Madel and Angie still making our podcast Voicing Indigeneity. Head over there to listen to our sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, but always informative conversations about indigenous peoples, issues and epistemologies. 

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi




Call for Famoksaiyan Conference Testimonials!

On April 20-22, 2007 in Oakland and Berkeley, California, Famoksaiyan celebrated its first year of historic existence, with the conference Famoksaiyan: "Our Time to Paddle Forward" Summit on Native Self-Determination and Decolonization. For those who attended this conference, the first conference in San Diego in 2006, or any of the events or regional meetings that have been held throughout the West Coast and Guam, we are looking for people to write about their experiences and thoughts about the meetings, and how the group as helped inform and build critical consciousness amongst Chamorros and others from Guam. Email your responses or any questions to mlbasquiat@hotmail.com 

On Wars and Numbers

Tinige' Si Julian Aguon

Voice Project


"I see them: Our children. On battlefields so far from home; Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa. Armed with guns, not history. Fighting a war that is not theirs."


Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990 as Applied to Guahan and her Neighbors


Tinige' As Nanan Atdao


"In the Cold War Era, the United States conducted a series of nuclear testing in Micronesian.  People living on Guahan were exposed to nuclear radiation resulting in higher than average incidences of cancer and other poor health outcomes manifested in the island’s population.  This issue will be explored using theoretical frameworks presented by Pierre Bourdieu and Dorothy Smith as related to health disparities.  Next, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) will be reviewed as a social policy designed to address the needs of people affected.  The rational and political processes of policymaking that drove the enactment of RECA will be further explored with commentary on amendments to RECA to strengthen its utility will be presented."    


Is Guam for Sale?


Tinige' as I difunton Ricardo Bordallo (Hagas Maga'lahin Guahan) yan Si Robert Underwood (Hagas Kongresun Guahan)


Kosas Antigu ni' Debi di un Hasso: Two of Guam's most important and prominent recent historical figures answer the question of whether or not Guam is for sale.

Colonial Voting Rights

Tinige' Si Michael Lujan Bevacqua

No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro


"If you love the United States, and want to be one with it, and believe that Chamorros have been historically very patriotic and suffered for the United States, then let me ask you a simple question: Is the pain of World War II, the loss of thousands of Chamorro lives in American wars, and the loss of so much land, language, culture and history worth a fake vote?"

Three Rapes: The Status of Forces Agreement and Okinawa

By Chalmers Johnson


"America’s 703 officially acknowledged foreign military enclaves (as of September 30, 2002), although structurally, legally, and conceptually different from colonies, are themselves something like microcolonies in that they are completely beyond the jurisdiction of the occupied nation.1 The United States virtually always negotiates a “status of forces agreement” (SOFA) with the ostensibly independent “host” nation, including countries whose legal systems are every bit (and perhaps more) sophisticated than our own."


Eyewitness -The Insular Empire: America's Pacific Frontier


A sneak preview of the documentary film The Insular Empire, to take place in Palo Alto, California, June 12, 2007.

Military Increase Fact Sheet

Fina'tinas Famoksaiyan yan I Guahan Indigenous Collective


Over the next few years, as many as 40,000 soldiers, dependents and military support personnel, accompanied by an armada of planes, bombs and other weapons of war will be brought into Guam. Despite the fact that these increases have the potential to negatively impact Guam economically, environmentally and socially in ways never seen before, discussions from the Government of Guam and Guam's media are largely silent on these dangers. The following factsheet developed by Famoksaiyan and the Guahan Indigenous Collective is meant to provide information on what these potential impacts might be.

Hita Guahan! Chamorro Testimonies At the United Nations

"This booklet is a compilation of the testimonies presented at the United Nations Special Political and Decolonization Committee on October 4, 2006. These testimonies carry on the legacy of more than 20 years of Chamorus who've appealed to the United Nations on behalf of Guam and Chamoru human rights." 

Peace and Justice for Guam Petition

Sign this petition from the Guam Coalition for Peace and Justice yan I Nasion Chamoru


"We, the undersigned, oppose the fact that the people of Guam have not been included in the deliberations of the U.S. government and its elite partners regarding the scheduled transfer of 8,000 U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam as part of a major explosion of the U.S. military personnel population on Guam, now set at 35,000. This buildup will have enormous environmental, social, cultural, long-term economic and political consequences in our community. Currently, a host of issues – i.e. radioactive contaminations that cause record-high rates of cancers and dementia-related illness – have yet to be addressed by the same military now expanding its presence in Guam. The way in which the current military buildup is happening calls attention to a harmful power imbalance between the U.S. federal government and Guam, which must be addressed."

Famoksaiyan on Chamorro.com

Chamorro.com is one of the most visible Chamorro/Guam presences on the internet. Famoksaiyan is in the process right now of taking over the day to day operations of the website, such as the Guam Club/Organization information, and the calendar of events. If you have any Guam related events, whether in the United States, the Pacific Islands or serving over seas, please send them, along with full information about the event to mlbasquiat@hotmail.com to be posted on the calendar. 


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