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Hafa Adai, yan welcome to i mina'trenta dos na Minagahet

Bai hu prometi hamyo na este na biahi, ti gof annakko' i tinige'-hu guini magi gi i editorial, sa' ti apmam munhayan i sakkan-hu gi eskuela, pues bula na debi di bai hu cho'gue.

I'm pleased to be sharing with everyone a presentation by Zohl de Ishtar, whose work on the military connections that exist between different places throughout the Pacific, Oceania and the Pacific Rim are crucial for those of us who are interested in lessening war and instilling peace in the world today. Later this month, several members of Famoksaiyan will be attending the US Social Forum in Georgia and will be presenting about Guam and the impact of the militarization in Micronesia in hopes of making connections to other progressive, critical and anti-war activists from around the United States and the world. It is precisely this sort of work that needs to be done, contesting the invisibility, hypervisibility and banality of Guam. Ensuring that it is not simply a dot on a map, which no one seems to notice or care about, even those who should care about it. If, as an intellectual, an activist, a peace person, a human being, you are interested in limiting the reach and violence of American empire today, then its important to remember Guam, the place where America is currently sharpening the tip of its military spear and buffing the deck of its "unsinkable aircraft carrier" with almost no protest or comment by anyone save for a few local activists. It is this ambiguous, banal, almost absently present space that I am talking about in my current academic work. 

The empire of the United States today is made up of these small, almost imperceptible points such as Guam, which seem to amount to nothing, especially not instances of colonialism, imperialism or militarization carry with them the secrets to the disappearing acts of American imperialism, colonialism and militarization. Let's take for instance, an editorial in the October 29, 1971 Pacific Daily News, titled "U.S. Colonialism." For those familiar with the media in Guam, this open admission of the possible intersection of the United States and colonialism might come as a shock. From Guam to Washington D.C. there are a plethora of mechanisms which are readily available in order to cover up or deny this fact. Why would the Pacific Daily News, the self-aggrandized Voice of Americanization in Guam dare reveal this troubling truth?

The answer lies in the dazzling dance of disappearances that take place. If we read into the article, we find the editor weakly decrying the effects of American colonialism in the Micronesian islands that surround Guam, which were at the time held in trust by the United States through the mandate of the United Nations. The possibility that Guam might in some way be a victim of or representative of US colonialism never enters the column’s several hundred words. In fact that sole instance in which the concept of colonialism and the existence of Guam are even closely linked is when Guam is invoked in simple geographic/size terms, in order to provide a reference for the approximate size of British colonies in the Pacific. For the editor, the ambiguous political status of Guam was apparently not sufficient, not tangible, or intelligible enough to support even the mere mention of Guam as a United States colony. Instead this crucial fact simply faded into the background, and seeped down becoming the banal and natural ground beneath this articulation of US colonialism.

Antes di bei hanao, bei sangan didide' (of course) put i blogs-hu. The Decolonize Guam is emerging as a vital resource for high school and college students doing papers on the military build up in Guam, and other general environmental, economic, social and political issues affecting the Asia-Pacific region. I recently put a link for it on the main page of Chamorro.com, so I anticipate more traffic then ever. For my personal blog No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro, things have been just as crazy, chaotic and infrequent as they usually are. 

Lastly, after a month long hiatus in order to qualify for dissertations, write thesises, have children, raise children, attend conferences, visit families and finish teaching, the podcast Voicing Indigeneity is back! Click to link to head over to our blog and download our discussions from the "Ghosts, Monsters and the Dead" conference at UCSD and the "Indigenous Studies Conference" at the University of Oklahoma, as well as our always interesting conversations about sovereignty. 

Sahuma Minagahet yan Na'suha Dinagi





Talisman Sabre and Australia's Guam Connection


By Zohl De Ishtar, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies


"Talisman Sabre implicates Australia in the increasing militarisation in the north-west Pacific, particularly of Guam. If Guam is the US ’s “tip of the spear” then Australia’s role is to prepare the hand that throws the spear. Australian citizens must ask whether they are willing to acquiesce to that enforced role."



Justice for the Marshall Islands: Sign the Petition



We ask the American people to educate yourselves on the injustices that we Marshallese suffered as a result of your 67 atomic and nuclear tests! Kemij kajitok bwe dri Amerka ren katakin ir make kin bwid im entan ko rar walok nan kim jen 67 Nuclear test ko!"



Guam: A Self-Sustaining Nation?


Tinige' as I difunton Angel Leon Guerrero Santos (hagas Maga'lahi i Nasion Chamoru)


Kosas Antigu ni' Debi di un Hasso: A flyer from 1991 discussing the possibilities for Guam to exist as a self-sustaining nation.


The Rubin-Lake Affair: A Blast From Guam's Colonial Present

Tinige' Si Michael Lujan Bevacqua

No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro


"Being from a colony today, we probably have the worst memories of all, and so these scandals do not stay with us. We struggle to forget everything, about our past and the damage that has been done and the things lost or destroyed, and only to look to the future which is sold to us by the United States . This amnesia is tragically productive. Released from the wisdom of any textured history, we find it easy to comprehend and live with the fact that our future at present exists to be determined by another, and that we shouldn’t simply accept this fact, but rather celebrate it!"


Empire v. Democracy: Why Nemesis is at Our Door

By Chalmers Johnson


"History tells us that one of the most unstable political combinations is a country -- like the United States today -- that tries to be a domestic democracy and a foreign imperialist. Why this is so can be a very abstract subject. Perhaps the best way to offer my thoughts on this is to say a few words about my new book, Nemesis, and explain why I gave it the subtitle, "The Last Days of the American Republic." Nemesis is the third book to have grown out of my research over the past eight years. I never set out to write a trilogy on our increasingly endangered democracy, but as I kept stumbling on ever more evidence of the legacy of the imperialist pressures we put on many other countries as well as the nature and size of our military empire, one book led to another."


Simple Act of Decolonization #2

Ginnen Si Sahuma


There is little doubt that this world is presently an unfriendly place for the Chamorro language, since although there is in Guam an acceptance of people's right to speak Chamorro, there is still very little effort to revitalize the language, ensuring its survival and making it the language of general instruction and communication. For school and college age Chamorros who have grown up speaking English only, this environment can be unfriendly as well, as you seem at times to be pushing against the flow of history, since many who do speak Chamorro seem indifferent to passing it on, don't see any value in passing it on, or would rather spend their team teasing you instead of teaching you. Here, for those interested in learning Chamorro are a series of basic tips to help you cope with this unfriendly or indifferent environment. 

Military Increase Fact Sheet

Fina'tinas Famoksaiyan yan I Guahan Indigenous Collective


Over the next few years, as many as 40,000 soldiers, dependents and military support personnel, accompanied by an armada of planes, bombs and other weapons of war will be brought into Guam. Despite the fact that these increases have the potential to negatively impact Guam economically, environmentally and socially in ways never seen before, discussions from the Government of Guam and Guam's media are largely silent on these dangers. The following factsheet developed by Famoksaiyan and the Guahan Indigenous Collective is meant to provide information on what these potential impacts might be.

Hita Guahan! Chamorro Testimonies At the United Nations

"This booklet is a compilation of the testimonies presented at the United Nations Special Political and Decolonization Committee on October 4, 2006. These testimonies carry on the legacy of more than 20 years of Chamorus who've appealed to the United Nations on behalf of Guam and Chamoru human rights." 

Famoksaiyan on Chamorro.com

Chamorro.com is one of the most visible Chamorro/Guam presences on the internet. Famoksaiyan is in the process right now of taking over the day to day operations of the website, such as the Guam Club/Organization information, and the calendar of events. If you have any Guam related events, whether in the United States, the Pacific Islands or serving over seas, please send them, along with full information about the event to mlbasquiat@hotmail.com to be posted on the calendar. 


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